Referral Programs

“The success of your organization depends on the people you choose to build it.”

Encouraging your existing resources with Progressive Staffing Referral Program, Can bring higher retention rates and increase employee engagement in your company saving on improving your recruitment, on boarding and retention programs

How does a Recruitment Referral Program works?

Referral Programs operate by existing staff referring peers and passive job seekers from their personal or professional circle. Good management of this recruiting model attracts resumes and profiles you might not otherwise access through the normal recruiting process.

Why fill jobs this way?

Chances are that when employees are referring their friends and family, they’re referring people that carry the qualities needed to be successful within the organization. Not only do employment referral programs reduce your management and administration burden, you can expect to:

  • create a sustainable recruiting channel
  • harnesses the existing business culture
  • develop employee ownership, responsibility and pride
  • make significant long term cost savings

Keys to a successful referral program

Your business and its employees must take ownership of the employment Referral Program. Always maintain communication between participants, including the referrer, candidate and manager.


Your employment Referral Program needs good marketing management. Ensure this is a constant and employ a range of advertising media.


Rewards are integral to employee involvement with your employment Referral Program. Choose financial and other rewards that motivate employees and fit with your business culture.

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